Top 5 Reasons Why Our Team Members Live More Enjoyable, Simple, & Prosperous Lives & How You Can Too!

Reason #1 – Our Team Members Focus On The Bigger Picture:

Many people in the auto industry talk about increasing traffic and sales and that’s as far as they go. What they offer is really only skin deep, a surface treatment, a symptom solver…not a cure. We’re about much more than just selling cars…it’s a better way of life for you, your family and the entire community in which you work and live.

Because of this, the impact we make is felt far and wide. What you may not be embracing is an economic engine for your community and by becoming more profitable you not only help your personal economy but you bolster the local economy too.

To us, the word RICH is about more than just money. “RICH” is an acronym for what our Team Members are really all about.

R – Respect: Our Team Members are respected and looked at as thought leaders in the automotive industry

I – Influence: Our Team Members are influential members of their community and help create its future.

C – Contribution: Our Team Members make a contribution to their family, their employees and their community

H – Have Fun: Our Team Members understand life is too short not to have fun. Everything they do is enjoyable

Reason #2 – Our Team Members Are Loved By Their Customers:

No industry is hated by more people than the auto industry. Customers loath and fear the people, the process and the business. We can either add to this consumer perception or we can work to change it. Typical automotive marketing and business practices won’t change the consumer perception. Doing what you’ve done before and behaving like all the other dealers around you won’t convince the community you’re different. New rules apply to this new economy and new action must be taken to reset consumer confidence and refresh your reputation.

We rewrite the rules and position you as a trusted advisor in your community. It positions you on the side of the consumer. Our method is faster than trying to change the entire world’s perception of the car business overnight. We take you out of the commodity game by making you an industry expert who works side-by-side with the consumer to solve their problem and help get the car they want.

This is a delicate move and must be done very carefully, but once you’ve established the position of a consumer advocate you no longer have to overcome the negative stigma that plagues the industry and your competition. You become a loved and respected member of your community that people seek out for information, answers and to solve their transportation problems.

The Ultimate Goal For Our Team Member Is A Life That’s ESP – Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous

Reason #3 -­ Our Team Members Make More & Work Less:

Why are so many dealership employees a slave to the dealership? We asked ourselves this question early on and discovered it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve built a lifestyle business for ourselves and we show our Team Members how to build one too.

A lifestyle business is one you design around your life instead of your life being dictated by your dealership. Our goal for our Team Members is for them to make more money and spend less time working in the dealership.

That can only be done with smart, strategic systems that are designed to run automatically.To accomplish a life and lifestyle where you work less and make more you need a blueprint and you must off-­load tasks that you are not good at or that take up too much of your time. Our Team Members know what their strengths are and focus their effort on doing only those things thus maximizing the time they spend working in the dealership.

The heavy lifting outside of selling cars, like creating business-­building systems and coming up with creative ideas are off-­loaded to us who have spent a lifetime studying, creating and perfecting net profit producing systems and campaigns.

Reason #4 -­ Our Team Members Are Surrounded By Successful People:

It has been said that you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. Think about that and ask yourself if that’s who you want to be? Typically we find that when examined it’s not at all who our Team Members want to be which means it’s time for a change.

The big problem most dealers face is finding a group of positive, motivated, success-­minded people (friends) to spend time with. Locally they just aren’t there so you’re forced to settle for people who bring you down not lift you up. That’s why we created our Team Environment. Team Members are connected with Team Leaders whose goals are the same:

To create a positive impact, make a great income and live a life that’s ESP – Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous.

These are all people who walk in your shoes, understand you, speak your language and want to share. It’s an open environment where life-­long relationships are created. It’s a place you can call home with a caring group of people who will inspire you, help you and hold you accountable to reach your full potential. Without a group like this you will never truly reach the level of success you deserve.

Our Team Mission

We are a family. is a movement. Yes, we will help you sell more cars. In addition, you will soon see how much we’re all doing together to actually transform the car business and the world. You are now part of something massive. People inside and outside of the industry are taking notice. Our mission of improving the public opinion of auto dealers, helping Team Members achieve a life that’s ESP-­-­Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous, and enabling good people get the transportation they want and need is flourishing.

We believe in a future where the car business is fun, Team Members are respected and low price isn’t the only thing that matters. We believe that our Team Members deliver tremendous value to their customers and to their communities and are rewarded handsomely in exchange. Every year, our Team Members solve problems for hundreds of good people in the US. Together we’re making a HUGE IMPACT, and these people are better for having come across our Team Members!

We’re very thankful to be surrounded by smart and talented people, like you, who are helping to change the landscape of an entire industry.

Here’s the official Mission: to improve the public opinion of auto dealership employees, to help our Team Members achieve a life that’s ESP-Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous and to enable good people to get the transportation they want and need.

Here’s the official Individual Team Member Mission: to specialize in helping people find, qualify for and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down…even with less than perfect credit.

Our Values:

The car business should be fun (ESP!)
Team Members should be respected and seen as trusted advisors
Team Members should have a competitive advantage other than low price
Team Members should be rewarded for the true value they provide
Together, we should make a positive impact on all of the communities we serve

Join Our Team & Enjoy A Life That’s ESP!

We are looking for new team members to help us execute on our exciting industry changing strategy and to continue our innovation and rapid growth. Contact us today!